Saturdays Off & Beauty buys

Since changing my job I no longer work Saturdays. Yesterday was the second Saturday in a row I’ve not had to go to work and it feels so strange … I’ve worked Saturdays since high school, all throughout uni and the last four years I’ve been working .. so it’s really nice to be free!

I wanted to check out some skincare/beauty products I’ve read about recently so I decided to go into town ..

I opted for a simple black and red outfit… it was raining too so it had to be a hat day! 🎩

Outfit details ..

Coat- Asos

Jeans- Topshop Jamie

Boots- Dr Martens

Baker hat- Asos

Handbag- Mulberry

I picked up a couple of things which I’ll feedback on next week ..

‘Nip and fab’ isn’t a brand I’ve used before but I read a couple of articles/blogs about some of their products and they’ve had really good feedback .. so decided to give the primer water (it was only £9.99) and dragon blood fix cleansing pads a try … I picked them up in Superdrug, they had quite a wide range too!

I wanted to try the new Bobbi brown foundation .. met a lovely girl at the counter called Bridget, who gave me a sample to try so I’ll use it this week and see how I find it.. When initially trying foundation it’s so much better to get a tester as so many don’t suit your skin or when you come home the shade just isn’t right!

Ive read about ‘the ordinary’ foundation in lots of beauty blogs and I’ve got a couple of skincare items from the range which are really good and super affordable so I was pleasantly surprised when Frasers had their foundations! I picked up the full coverage foundation …it was only £6.00! so if it’s nice it’ll be ideal for work

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